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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Possibly. Although TBE hosts an enormous amount of data, the availability of hard metrics for specific business processes may not be readily available. And, as you know, anyone claiming to have metrics on a specific process should automatically be questioned as to the validity and source of the data. You will also find published reports that you can buy from 3rd parties. However, typically these won't contain the organization name or a contact within the surveyed organization(s) who is willing to discuss the study results with you.

However, you can launch a Posting in TBE's Posting Board or host a Survey with TBE's Surveyor which enables you to ask a very large audience the specific metrics you are looking for. The data will be fresh, you have control of the questions being asked and you will also know who the participants/responders are! You can expect to begin receiving responses to your survey immediately.

We have several subscription plans that you can choose from:
Subscription Types Price (US$) Description Enroll
Monthly Individual Subscription $ 35.00 New Service for one person for one month Click here for Enrollment Form
Annual Individual Subscription $ 95.00 New Service for one person for one year Click here for Enrollment Form
Annual Group Subscription $ 295.00 New Service for a total of Ten Company Employees for one year Click here for Enrollment Form
Annual Site/Corporate Subscription $695.00 New Service for an unlimited number of Company Employees for one year Click here for Enrollment Form
Existing Group Subscription Free If someone from your company has provided you with a keycode Click here for a list of Companies
Existing Site/Corporate Subscription Free If your company is on the list Click here for Enrollment Form

Yes! This is what the network is all about. Perhaps the other person is just wrapping up their research. You may be able to get some fresh data for your own internal needs by providing some of your own collected information.

BUT... Consultants must not turn the dialog into a sale. In other words, if you are a Consultant you can help but do not offer to assist for a fee.

None. You pay the subscription fee (license) and that's it.

The cost to sponsor a survey depends on several variables; mainly size and complexity. Please visit SURVEYS for further information about sponsoring a survey.

No but, we do receive many inquiries from members asking if we would provide consulting services. We politely decline and refer them to the online directory in the Members Only service so they can find the right Consultancy for their needs.

A complete overview of all our services can be found by visiting: OVERVIEW

Thank you for considering TBE. We appreciate the business and are confident TBE will be all that you wanted it to be.
We guarantee it!

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