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TBE services provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective means for improving your organizationsí processes.

BenchNet - is a very comprehensive and very user-friendly electronic communication and information service designed specifically for use by individuals and organizations involved in Benchmarking and Process Improvement. TBE's BenchNet provides users with a comprehensive, centralized and specialized forum for all phases of Benchmarking. TBE's BenchNet is for veteran practitioners as well as those who are just beginning to discover the world of Benchmarking. TBE's BenchNet was designed by Benchmarking practitioners for Benchmarking practitioners. TBE is also a "live" Newsletter in that all the information is updated daily so you don't have to wait months for fresh material. Click here for more information

SelfAssessor - is an online and real-time service that provides users the ability to measure themselves with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria. Want to see how your performance compares with others in your industry? This is the perfect tool to find out. All you need to do is provide a implementation rate from 0% to 100% to each of the 19 questions and within seconds you will be provided with a report card showing how you rated amongst your peers. Click here to view an example report card.

Surveyor - is an online service where organizations can solicit answers to their specific questionnaires and have these responses collected into a cumulative database for later analysis and reporting. Companies simply forward a copy of their questionnaire to TBE and within 48 hours TBE can have their survey up and running and taking responses. TBE will send out survey participation invitations to its own proprietary list of candidates as well as any email addresses supplied by the organization sponsoring the survey. Companies can use Surveyor for internal studies as well. Click here for more information

Miscellaneous - TBE also provides services in areas such as literature research, benchmarking presentations, speaker engagements, survey design assistance and internal corporate assessment design and hosting, Benchmarking and Best Practice conferences, articles, newsletters, hands-on classes "Benchmarking in the Internet Age".

Members- Members subscribe to TBE on a monthly or annual basis. Additionally TBE offers Sponsorship-wide Licenses as well as Enterprise-wide Site and Group Licensing.

Since all that is needed to use TBE services is a connection to the Internet, the member base is larger than traditional Benchmarking and Best Practices associations. This also means many of the Benchmarking and Best Practices associations hold Sponsorship-wide licenses with TBE so their members have access to the TBE network. As of November 2007, TBE provides service to more than 25,000 members from 91 countries. TBE is the LARGEST and the BEST benchmarking and best practice service you can be a part of, guaranteed.

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