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TBE's BenchNet has been designed around you...

TBE's BenchNet is a very comprehensive and very user friendly electronic communication and information system designed specifically for use by individuals and organizations involved in Benchmarking and Process Improvement. TBE's BenchNet provides users with a comprehensive, centralized and specialized forum for all phases of Benchmarking. TBE's BenchNet is for veteran practitioners as well as those who are just beginning to discover the world of Benchmarking. TBE's BenchNet was designed by Benchmarking practitioners for Benchmarking practitioners. TBE is also a "live" Newsletter in that all the information is updated daily so you don't have to wait months for fresh material.

User Friendly - TBE's BenchNet is designed with both the novice and expert computer user in mind.

Accessibility - All you need to access TBE's BenchNet is an Internet connection, username and password.

Communication - BenchNet's Posting Board and Member Directory provide members day-to-day contact with others in the Benchmarking community. TBE's BenchNet provides you with contacts spanning industry sectors, quality associations, geographic boundaries and organization size.

Information - TBE's BenchNet provides members with information quickly and efficiently. With TBE's BenchNet, you get exactly what you want, when you need it, and tailored to your exact needs, without incurring any additional fees. BenchNet's Databases provide you the ability to perform research such as identifying companies who have been recognized as leaders in their field, seeking Benchmarking partners, sizing yourself against the rest, and performing literature and business research. And, the information contained in TBE's BenchNet is updated daily!

Here are just a few of the many capabilities TBE's BenchNet provides you:

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